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Jan 30, 2013 11:00pm PST
's valuable. we don't have a carbon tax. and the -- >> rose: is its carbon tax the way to go. not cap and trade, but carbon tax jathe difference between those are not that critical. >> rose: the idea is put a value on how much carbon you use. there are reasons are to do that. but because of the political realities, either one can be achieved. they both have the same effect, causing you to shift in making your energy in a way. >> you look at germany, and angela mirkle has basically sworn off nuclear energy. >> that is aa setback -- >> rose: you disagree with the decision she made. >> well, with the current generation of reacts, because of the fukushima accident -- >> rose: they're old. >> people are now worried about that. there haven't been that many accidents, so you can have a reasonable disagreement about the current generation. there are generations coming that are inherently in their design form is more safe. if you don't like today's reactors you shouldn't group all the ways of generating nuclear energy that will come out. you shouldn't abandon those as well because we can make
Jan 23, 2013 11:00pm PST
know, there is a joke that has gone around israel for some time that a third of the people pay taxes, a third of the people work, and a third of the people go in the army and the problem is they're all the same third. ( laughter ) what you actually found now is people saying enough. the fact is you had-- bebe made a deal with kadima, created a oadbed government, and they were going to resolve this question of the haridi serving in the military and what the fair burden would be. and a commission worked out something and in the end, the prime minister decided that he felt that the character of that deal just was not one he could live with. i think that came back to haunt him in a fairly big way. so i think, number one, it's sharing the burden in a sense that if the country was going to go to the right the way it appeared to be, there was going to be no sharing of the burden. secondly, i think there is sense of theain stam in israel feeling, wait, the character of likud, when benny baggan can't qualify for the list, when dan meriddor can't qualify for the list, the people who are on t
Search Results 0 to 16 of about 17 (some duplicates have been removed)